Rules for Kage/Leaders

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Rules for Kage/Leaders

Post by Kimonari Sani on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:41 am

1: You cannot rule everything in your village. You have to talk to your Village Elders as well before making major decisions.
2: You cannot ban a Ninja from your village without talking to your Village Elders.
3: Kage's have the Authority to appoint the Rank of Jounin and Village Elder.
4: Kage's have the Authority to send Ninja on a mission WITHOUT permission from a Village Elder.
5: As a Kage, you MUST always have atleast a minimum of 4 Missions Posted in your Village at all time. If a mission is completed, the Kage has 24 hours to add a mission to fill that position if the number is 4 or less.
6: As a Kage, you can appoint personal body guards when you leave the Kage Mansion and/or the Village itself.
7: As a Kage, you have to be fair to ALL Ninja in your Village.
8: As a Kage, you have the Authority to make a Ninja an Academy Teacher, Anbu Member, and/or Village Police.
10: When the Chunin Exams are near, as a Kage, you have the Authroity to decide how many of your Villige's Genin will be allowed to partake in the Exams. You are not however, allowed to deny a Ninja entrance into the Exam if he meets the requirments and you still have not meet you Ninja Cap.
11: As Kage, you will choose which Genin will be appointed to which Jounin Sensei. This however can be changed by an Admin or Village Elder if they see fit that the team is to over powered.
12: Kage's cannot declare war without permission from both an Admin and Village Elder.

1: You can tell other members what you want them to do. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY YOU!
2: You can ban a Ninja from your group, but you may NOT kill that Ninja without an Admin approval.
3: Leaders have the Authority to appoint Ranks inside of there Group and/or appoint a new Group Leader.
4: Recruiting Ninja has a few steps to it. Both you and the Ninja being recruited must be on the same terms. Once this has happened, you must talk to an Admin and let them know of the recruiting. They shall let you know if your Group has reached its max members or not. If it has not, the Ninja is recruited. If it has, the Ninja fails recruitment.
5: As a Leader, you alone take responsibility of all actions your members take. (This does NOT apply to rule breaking. Rule breaking will be between an Admin and the Rule Breaker. All actions mentioned are RP Actions ONLY.)
6: As a Leader, you appoint the members on a team.
7: As a Leader, you do not have to make the teams fair in strength.

If an Admin thinks you are abusing your power and/or not fulfilling the requirements for your role they may have you removed from that role. If other Roleplayer's complain about you and your role, you may be removed from that role.
8: As a Leader, you can declare war if you have an Admins permission. You do not have to have the Groups permission.
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