Rules for Everyone (MUST READ)

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Rules for Everyone (MUST READ)

Post by Kimonari Sani on Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:49 am

1: No Auto-Hit/Auto-Dodge.
2: No Smut!! Take it somewhere else.
3: No slander.
4: No spamming.
5: No hacking.
6: Let someone know if you are OOC. Otherwise stay in Character.
7: No Self Ranking.
8: Must get 2 Admin approvals.
9: Must show training for learned jutsu.
10: Admins will appoint Village Elite Ninja and Elders/Kage/Sage/Curse Mark/Akatsuki Leaders/ASF Commanders/Clan Leaders/Sannin/Jinchuuriki
11: Admins must approve of Learning Jutsu/Creating a Clan/Creating an Organization/Joining a Clan/Joining an Orginazation/Gates of Life/MS/EMS/Rinnegan/Sharrinnegan/Susanoo Stages/Sharingan Stages Beyond the First/Jinchuuriki and Elite Ninja Control/All Kekkei Genkai and Kekkei Tota/Destroying Locations/Killing People/Jounin Ranking and up/Declaring War and Ending War/Entering Sage Mode,Curse Mark and Jinchuuriki Cloaks

If you need approval over an action, just PM an Admin. We are Roleplayers ourselves and will not be harsh about approving your request. If the request is far fetched or does not fit, then we obviously have to decline, BUT if you roleplay at a good pace and follow the story line for the roleplay, we should say yes.

If any of these rules are broken, it is up to the Admin for your punishment. Usually this is the layout we will follow unless we see fit not to.
First Violation: A Warning
Second Violation: A 1 Day Ban
Third Violation: A Week Ban
Fourth Violation: A Month Ban
Fifth Violation: A Permanent Ban
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